Rental Terms



Our vehicles are clustered in rental groups as shown in the price list. Reservations can only be confirmed according to a rental group.We cannot confirm specific makes, models or car specifications.


Additional Driver:

Only the person indicated in the rental agreement may drive the vehicle. Additional drivers may be registered in the rental agreement for an administration fee of Euro 2.50 per day and driver (max. Euro 50.00 per rental and driver) per additional driver.


Minimum Age:

The minimum age for driving an autoGReece car in Greece is 23 years. A drivers license that has been issued at least 12 months before is required. For specific vehicles, the minimum age is 25 years, and the drivers license must have been issued at least 3 years before. There may be different regulations for authorized company drivers. Please ask our reservation office or rental location for further details when you make your reservation.


Driving License:

The drivers license must be Greek, European (for E.U. countries) or international for countries that are not members of the E.U. The drivers license must comply with Greek regulations. An international driving license will only be accepted in conjunction with the underlying national drivers license.


Compliance with traffic regulations:

As a renter/driver of a Car from autoGReece you are obliged to observe all traffic regulations at all times. We need to inform you that you will have to bare all costs which may occur in case of noncompliance. When asked by the relevant authorities, autoGReece has to disclose the identity of the renter. In order to cover the cost connected to these inquiries, we have to charge the renter an administration fee of Euro 25 per incident, regardless of the reason and fine.


Method of Payment:

We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard. For specific vehicles, 2 credit cards may be required. If you do not have a credit card, you are required to make a deposit of 500 euros, which will be returned to you upon the return of the vehicle. All transactions are conducted in a secure environment at ALPHA Bank with the highest security measures. Our company is not involved in your online transaction with the Bank.


Service Fee:

All vehicle pick ups/drop offs that are not included in the rental agreement are subject to extra charges.


Delivery / Collection:

During normal opening hours of our rental locations, we may deliver and/or collect your rental vehicle to/from any address which is in the vicinity. Please direct any price inquiries to the autoGReece Station.


Opening Hours of Stations / Vehicle:

During opening hours of the rental locations, vehicles should only be returned to autoGReece staff members or autoGReece authorized personnel. If you wish to return your vehicle out of hours, please ask our staff if this can be arranged for your desired return location. All vehicles returned after the opening hours of the rental locations will be charched with a Euro 20 fee. Please be aware, that autoGReece cannot take responsibility for any articles left in rental vehicles.


One-Way Rentals:

For one-way rentals within Greece, please inquire about feasibility and additional charges while making your reservation.

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